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venim si maine graffiti

Venim *si* maine.

We’re *also* coming tomorrow.

Bucharest, June 2013.


Visam in spatiu divin.

We are dreaming in divine space.


Bucharest, September 2012


Athens, Greece – September 2006

Stop religion

Mii de fire inutile/Se încolăcesc sub tine/Voinţele-s toate electrificate

Thousands of useless strands/Intertwine under you/All the wills are electrified


Rog inchide-ma.


Ce gandesc guvernantii?




Please close me.


What are the politicians thinking? (scuzati licenta, are cineva o traducere mai buna pentru guvernant?)


Nu vă cred.


I don’t believe you.

Nu va cred

Primul meu paradis.


My first paradise.


Primul meu paradis

Priveşte cerul – acum ai şi scaun.

Look at the sky – now a chair is also available.


Pt ce respiri?

What are you breathing for?

Bucharest, January 2012